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Privacy Policy, Cookies & more

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Since the company respects the privacy of its users on the website it manages and operates (hereinafter: the "Site"), the Company has chosen to publish below its privacy policy in connection with the website. The following conditions indicate the privacy policy used on the Site and they review, inter alia, how the Company will use the information provided by the users of the Site or collected by the Company when using the Site. The policy conditions are formulated in the masculine form for convenience purposes only, but, of course, women are also treated.



Information related to you is collected when you use the Site. Some of the information personally identifies you, i.e. on your behalf, at your address, products and services you have purchased, the payment methods used by you, and so on. You represent that you are informed that you are not legally obligated to provide this information to the Company, and that the information was provided voluntarily and with your consent, for example when registering for the Site or making a purchase. Some information does not personally identify you and is not saved with your information. This is statistical and aggregated information. For example, advertisements you read on the site, the pages you viewed, the offers and services that interested you, the Internet address(IP) youcontacted, and more.

Registration and use of the Site


To the most of which personal information is required when registering for services on the site, when purchasing products there, the Company may be asked to provide the Company with details about you, including name, email address, telephone number, ID card, date of birth, address, payment method and other identifying information, as required from time to time.

The Company will explicitly mark the fields relating to this necessary information and it is clarified that without the completion of these fields, the Company will not be able to provide the Services or complete the purchase of the products. Inso far as you provide personal information about you to the Company through the Site or during your visit to one of the Company's branches, you hereby declare that such information is true and accurate and that you provide the information on your behalf and for yourself only, or that you have been lawly allowed to provide such information to another, and in any case will be solely responsible for the delivery of this information. The Company will keep the information in its databases.

Use of information

Use of information

The use of the information collected will be made only in accordance with this Privacy Policy, for the purposes set forth below:
• To allow you to use various services on the Site;
• Improve and enrich the services and content offered on the Site, including creating new services and content that meet the requirements of users of the Site or cancel existing content.
• For the purpose of purchasing products and services on the site - including the publication of information and content suitable for you;
• To tailor the ads that will be shown to you when you visit the Site for your interests;

• The Company may occasionally e-mail you marketing and advertising information regarding its products
and/or other products or services – whether information the Company publishes on its own or information received for delivery from other advertisers.
• For the purpose of contacting you (including sending text messages – SMS ) in any of the contacts you provided at the time of registration or for the purpose of analyzing and providing statistical information to third parties, including advertisers.
• For any other purpose set forth in this Privacy Policy or in the Site Regulations;
• For the proper operation and development of the Site.

The data and information provided to the Company will be stored only for the required and reasonable length of time for the purposes for which they were collected, at the sole discretion of the Company, and in any case - as required by law. Please note that anonymous information may remain on our servers and may be used, inter alia, for current and future analysis and statistics purposes indefinitely.

Providing information to a third party

Informaton to third parties

The Company will not transfer to third parties your personal information and information collected about your activity on the Site (to the point that this information personally identifies you, except in the cases set forth below: • To its business partners and other third parties for the purpose of sending market, advertising and other materials that may be of interest to you, provided that your separately express consent for the provision of
such information is accepted subject to the provisions of any law;
• If you purchase products and services from third parties that offer them for sale through the Site (if such products are available), the information they need will be transferred to these third parties in order to complete the purchase process, manage the relevant content activity and maintain contact with you; • To the Company's service providers, so that the Company can provide you with the Services, including to third parties who provide the Company
with marketing, advertising, online ad matching, etc., even if the information is used by those third parties for their related purposes;
• In the event of a claim, demand, claim and any legal dispute, if any, between you and the company that will require the disclosure of your details;
• If you perform or attempt to perform on the Site, actions contrary to law or activity that you are predicted to be;
• If a judicial order is obtained instructing the Company to provide your details or information about you to a third party;
• In any event that the Company believe that the disclosure of the information is necessary to prevent serious damage to your body or property or to the body or property of any third party;
• If it is statistical information about the use of the site, which does not personally identify you;
• If the Company sells or transfers in any way the site's activity to any corporation - and in the event that it merges with another entity or merges the site's activity with the activity of a third party, provided that this corporation accepts the provisions of this Privacy Policy against you.

Gathering information for statistical purposes

Gathering statistics

The company is assisted by various companies that provide it with statistical analyses of the use of the site. The companies collect and analyze information about the extent of the use of the site, the frequency of its use, the sources of users' access to the site, and so on. The information collected is essentially statistical, it does not identify you personally and is intended for analysis, research and control purposes.

Other Sides

Other Sides

The Site may include links to various pages, applications and websites on the Internet that are not managed and/or operated by the Company and/or by anyone acting on its behalf. The Company does not control and/or supervise such pages, applications and websites, and the fact that the Company links to these content does not indicate its consent to their content and does not guarantee their crediity, update or legality. The use of these pages, apps and websites is subject to the privacy terms appearing there, not the Company's Privacy Terms.



The Company's website uses accepted technologies, such as cookies(hereinafter: "Cookies")as well as Pixels orBeacons(hereinafter: "Information Collection Tools ") for its ongoing and proper operation, including to collectstatisticaldata about the use ofthe Site,to verify details, in order to adapt the Site toyour personal preferences and information security needs. Modern browsers have the option to avoid accepting cookies so that if you want to avoid accepting them as stated   you  can do so by changing the browser setting.   Temporary Internet Files.  

The Company may periodically operate advertising services through third parties such as interactive advertising companies, inter alia through Cookies or information collection tools. The Company may transfer the information accumulated through cookies and data collection tools to these companies, which will use it to tailor marketing offers and advertisements for you on the Company's website and other websites throughout the network. However, you should be aware that disabling  cookies may result in you not being able to use some of the services on the site.

Third-party advertisements

Third-party ads

The company may allow other companies to manage the advertising system on the site. The ads you watch when you visit the site come from the computers of those companies and not from the company's computers. To manage their advertisements,  these      companies place cookies on your computer.

Transfer of information outside of Israel

Transfer of information outside Israel

The transfer of the information or the provision of access to information stored by the Company to third parties outside of Israel will be done only and to the extent that at least one of the following conditions is met: (a) the information is transferred to a country in the European Union; (b) the information is transferred to a country to which the EU allows information to be transmitted, under the same conditions (e.g., countries that have been awarded an appropriate decision by the European Commission or based on a contract approved by the EU Commission); (c) there is an agreement with the recipient of the information under which he undertakes to apply the privacy protection laws to himself; (D) express consent from the subject of the information for the particular transfer and to the particular country to which the information was transferred; or (and) the information is transferred to a subsidiary of the company and appropriate mechanisms have been established to protect the information in the subsidiary. The transfer of such information will be carried out on the basis of the contract agreement, which includes appropriate provisions dealing with privacy protection and information security of the information, including a commitment by the recipient of the information not to transfer it to any third party.

Information Security

Information Security

The company implements up-to-date information security systems and procedures on its websites. While these systems and procedures reduce the risks of unauthorized penetration, they do not provide absolute security. Therefore, the Company does not undertake that its services will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored therein.

the right to review information; Right to correct and delete the information

Information review

According to the Protection of Privacy Law,  5741-1981,  every person is entitled to review the information about him or her ina database.

Such an inquiry should be directed or by regular mail to:, Hashofar 7 Street, IL-9091700 Giv’at Ze’ev.

In addition, if the information in the Company's databases is used for the purpose of personally contacting you, based on your affiliation with a population group, determined by  one or more persons whose names are included in the database ("Application ina CommercialOffer"),then you are entitled under the Protection of Privacy Law,5741-1981 to demand in writing that the information relating to you be deleted from the database.

In this case, the Company will delete information it needs only to contact you with commercial offers as stated above. Information required by the Company to conduct its business – including documentation of commercial and other activities you have performed on the Site – will continue to be stored in the Company's databases by law, but will no longer be used for the purpose of contacting you. If within thirty (30 days) you are notified that the information requested by the Company to delete has indeed been deleted under this section, you will be entitled to appeal to the Magistrate's Court in a way determined by the regulations under the law, in order to order the Company to act as aforesaid.

A person who has reviewed the information about him as stated above, and found that the information is incorrect, complete and clear or up-to-date, is entitled by law to request to correct or delete the information by contacting the company by registered mail to the company in the ways set forth in the regulations, as well as by contacting the company at

Delivery of advertisements

Delivery of ads

The Company offers the delivery of electronic and other, which means delivering news, general or advertising mailings directly to the users who have chosen it (hereinafter: the "Mailing"). It should be explicitly clarified that the mailing content may include advertisements, publications that accompany news content or even content that lacks any news content.

The user declares and confirms that he is known to the provisions of Amendment No. 40 of the Communications Law (Bezeq and Broadcasting),  5768-2008, and explicitly agrees that he will be sent mailing by the company, In all ways listed in the law (including facsimile, autodial system, electronic message or short message message) or in any relevant future way.

The mailing service user may disconnect from the service at any time by contacting us in the ways set forth in the law and by contacting our customerservice at:   or WhatsApp: 058-332-7757,during business hours: Sunday to Thursday, 8:00-17:00. However, disconnection from mailing services or direct mailing operations will not delete the information collected about it from the Company's databases, and the Company may continue to use such information in accordance with the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy Changes

Privacy Policy Changes

The Company will be entitled to make changes to the Privacy Policy from time to time. In the event that material changes are made to this policy in the provisions concerning the use of personal information you have provided, A notice    will be posted on the website customer.service@'shomepage.

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